Advisor Requirements

Please see below the entry level requirements for our advisors.

Prospective woodland advisors will need to provide a brief resume (up to 150 words) outlining their background, and professional experience. They will be required to arrange and make a site visit and/or meeting with land owner and produce a report following the prescribed template to required standard within a set time period. The report produced will be available for peer review for quality assessment.


The advisor will need to be able to attend site meetings and communicate effectively with non-forestry trained people.


The advisor will have to produce and submit report following the prescribed template electronically.


As per details above the advisor must be able to commit the necessary time for undertaking all of the above.


To enter the group advisors will require the following:

  • Have previous experience of completing UK Forestry Standard compliant Woodland Management Plans, undertaking forestry operations and applying for grants.

  • Have a relevant land based academic or professional qualification.

  • To agree that all advice is given according to the UK Forest Standard (and if requested should include options open to them on forest certification to UKWAS).