Welcome to the Woodland Advisors Group website.

Our aim is to encourage woodland owners to see and find the potential of their woodlands.

Who are we?

  • We are a group of independent woodland advisors currently based loosely in the South East area.

  • All of us are involved in woodland management and have varying experience.

  • Every one of us has a land-based qualification.

  • All of the advice that we offer will be under the UK Forestry Standard; where appropriate we will be able to help with the restoration of ancient woodland sites and other areas of specialist interest.

Our aims and vision

We share a belief in the positive benefits of active woodland management.

Too many of England’s woodlands are currently under managed.

Whilst there are many underlying reasons behind this situation, we believe we can help owners:

  • improve the productivity and natural capital of their woods

  • increase their enjoyment of and engagement in those woods

  • improve and increase their potential for wildlife and conservation values


Woodland Management is our passion and our livelihood.

What are we offering?

  • As members of this group we offer to make a free first visit to all woodland owners.

  • As part of this free visit we will produce a short report to an agreed template (please see link under header: Template of Report).

  • This should offer a brief insight into your woodland and will offer some recommendations or ideas for next steps.

  • We hope that you will then follow this up and get involved.

Endorsements and industry support

  • Our group offers an independent body of advisors for all woodland owners and provides a conduit for conservation and landscape organisations (eg. CLA, NFU, AONBs and other NGOs) to channel enquiries for advice on woodland management.

  • The Woodland Trust supports the vision and aims of the Woodland Advisors Group. All the Woodland Trust’s activities are in accordance and in the spirit of the values of their ethical policy and conservation principles

How to contact us?

​Woodland owners are encouraged to contact the advisor of their choice direct through the contact details listed in the directory but if you have a general query or a specific complaint and would rather address it to the group please address your email via our contact page.

We look forward to helping you get more involved in, and getting more out of, your woodlands.